Silent Moon Cove is nothing but my humble abode on this remote side of cyberspace, a personal project I'm making in hopes to leave the corporate web and make friends on the sea of the indie web even though I know nothing about coding lol So, care to join me?

Feel free to roam! Here you'll find my personal diary where you'll be able to catch a glimpse of my day to day life outside the web. If you want to know about me you can always peek at the about me section. You an also check my blog, here I'll post stuff that interests me (articles, rants, reviews, recommendations, fandom and more). Do you like art? Then you might enjoy my sketchbook, a place where I'll try to let go of my inhibitions and show you my cringy and genuine heart. Bored? Take a look at my toybox and my shrines. Maybe we have some interests in common. Oh and don't forget to sign my guestbook before leaving the cove!

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