21-07-2022: Back to Divination

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Today I decided to do a little bit of tarot. It has been a while since I've done witchy stuff but I felt a pull towards it these pasts few days. I didn't record the full reading because I'm the kind of person that likes to feel it in the moment, I don't care about taking notes, but what it said to me was basically this:

You need to change your ways, even though it may not be easy. Somethings simply no longer work for you and have made you lose direction in life. You're not even happy with who you are nor who you surround yourself with. Like the Queen of Wands, rise up with fiery confidence and stay true to yourself and no one shall even think on stepping on you again.

Take the reings of your own destiny and meet the child you were at the end of the line. Trust in the proccess, in the Universe, and in yourself.


When I tell you I cried. First song was 'Reunited' from the Undertale OST. A tender loving piece about being with those you love. This song lasts for 4:44 minutes and 444 is the angel number of being protected by the universe/spiritual guardians. Second song was 'Homeland' from the Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron OST. A msuical piece about being home and feeling on the top of the world with a final energy pump near the end that tells you "whatever it is, you can do it". Third song was 'El coche fantas' by Amatria, a feel good song about pushing forward and not taking youself too seriously.


I couldn't help it and did this thanks to Hekate's site lol

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